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About MicroGrade Online

MicroGrade Online is an Internet-based grading program designed to simplify the time-consuming classroom management tasks that all teachers have to perform. Teachers can access their MicroGrade Online grade books from any computer with an Internet connection. Then, if desired, teachers can easily communicate progress to students and parents by posting to the web.

MicroGrade Online was designed to address the needs of the campus and/or the district site administrator. Site administrators will not have to install software for each teacher and can easily set up every teacher's class rosters at the beginning of each term.

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For the Teacher:

  • Secure access to your grade book from any computer with an Internet connection
  • An easy-to-use interface with no training required
  • Online help available at all times
  • Enhanced teacher/parent/student communication
  • Customizable grade book options
  • Simplified attendance tracking
  • Easily create and view reports to assess class performance
  • Teachers will always have access to the most current version of the software
  • Online syllabus included

For the School Site Administrator:

Note: The desktop version of MicroGrade and the WebGrade service will continue to be supported and maintained.

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